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An introduction to the mainly Finnish texts, ENGLISH TEXTS AND PICTURES HERE

The book, KRISTUKSEN MORSIAN, The Bride of Christ, is a cherished project …

New Catechism, UUSI KATEKISMUS, is an updated version of my book MJT3040 - How to know God. The shorter version has been printed in Finnish, in Mari (a people living near the Urals) and in Russian about ten years ago. Now the text has grown to 660 pages or 3,7 Mb in Word format. It consists of seven parts, which are:

Perusteet (Fundamentals); Raamattutietoutta (Introduction to the Bible), Kristikunnan historiaa (History of Christianity), Kirkko jakautuu lahkoiksi (The Church Divides into Sects), Herätysliikkeitä (Revival Movements), Kohti uutta aikaa (Review of World History) and Herran uusi tuleminen (Coming of the Lord)

In Estonian the book MJT3040 is called KUIDAS JUMALAT TUNTAKSE, but the text is a translation of an older version.

The Russian text has been updated. Look RUSSIAN VERSION for the opening page.

The New Catechism is rich in theory and history. But God is a leader. He leads his people in daily life, and every Christian has his personal experiences about God's leadership. I have told about my experiences with God in the JUMALA JOHDATTAA. You will soon notice, that Christian life is not only sing-and-pray meetings …

My profession is that of an translator-interpreter. In the file MITEN KIELIÄ OPITAAN there are hints how to learn a language quickly.

My comprehensive Russian Course book is THE MOTHER OF RUSSIAN COURSE BOOKS. It has been a long project, and I try to transfer it into the net, as the Lord makes it possible.

Other texts:

The Letters, KIRJEET are written to the friends. The Thought - MIETE - is a channel of ventilation of thoughts, provoked by the daily winds and voices from the world. The night coming, however, I have finished the journal, and started a nightmal.

In my Drawer - PÖYTÄLAATIKKO - you'll find some older texts, and writings about PERHE, family; KOULU, school; TYÖ, work; MAAILMA, the world and NWO.

The modern CAPITALS OF THE FINNISH-HUNGARIAN WORLD are Tallinna, Helsinki, Petroskoi, Syktyvkar, Kudymkar, Joshkar-Ola, Izhevsk, Saransk, Narjan-Mar, Salehard, Hanti-Mansijsk ja Budapest, but the historic capitals Valgetjärvi, Muroma, Rosta, Meschera, Nerova (now Novgorod) and Ikskile (Ykskylä, Yxküll) are even more interesting.

HUNNIT JA FINNIT is something about the Huns, Finns and other folks

Many questions about Russia are being asked. I have tried to answer some of them in VENÄJÄÄ. The text INITSIATIVNIKIT contains some 40 stories about the lives of Russian baptists in the Soviet era.

The small word ALLILOUS, each other, is a key word to a life so new to many a seeker.

Different religions were formed out of SUN WORSHIP, abhorrent to Gods and his people. Let's take a look how the tower of BABEL looks now!

The God of Israel did not welcome human sacrifice, because the humans are dirty. One should be saved - PELASTUTTAVA - first from the dirt, pay old debts and renewed, and then KASVAMAAN, grow, and bring HEDELMÄÄ, fruit.

There is an instruction about how to know God. It is called KERYGMA, a sermon. It contains seven points, which are always the same. A great deal of preaching, however, is anything but not preaching the Word of the Cross, which alone is the gospel in the biblical sense of the word.

A biblical sermon always contains a call to MUUTOS - a change of thinking, or METANOIA, as the Greek New Testament put it. But be careful, it is not enough to change you mind. You'd better know some basic facts of religions, political utopian ideologies and GOD to choose the right way and direction.

The other main functions of an EKKLESIA, a congregation, are that of NOUTHESIA, "correcting the mind" as in raising a child and OPETUS, teaching in order to raise the spiritual man out of the earthen vessel of the body.

THE NEW MAN can serve GOD in the "Spirit and Truth". Serving God, PALVELUS, has two parts: Worship, PALVONTA and Work, PALVELU. Noah worked out a boat, so don't be surprised if the Spirit of The Lord tells you to do something unusual.

Serving GOD is for the manifestation of his LOVE in us toward our fellows, but the object on Worship is God himself. It springs from the GLORY we have seen in him.

The end of world history and the coming of the Kingdom of God is a complicated process to everyone who will be here to see it. In those days SATO, the Harvest of everything sown during the centuries will be reaped. The news of that harvest are already pouring in.

Many a news, UUTISET, is only a result of a long process. The news are like a flower, which grow slowly but fades quickly having sown its seeds. So a news servant is an historian and an observer - and a bit of a prophet, or at least a reader of the signs of the day. So don't be surprised if most of the news are represented to make them play false melodies, as found in Ankka.

The evil one does not become good however many petitions you write to him. The NOOTIT, notes, are only to warn the blue-eyed optimists. A new ISRAEL is being brought forth in the midst of troubled times. The wiser bride study the ILMOITUS, announcement, to be VALMIIT, ready to take her place by his side JUMALAN VALTAKUNNASSA, in Gods Kingdom.

A box for links and hints in VINKEILLE ja LINKEILLE is a guide to further study.

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